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Top 10 Sex Toy Machine of 2022

July 12, 2022 7 min read

Sex Toy Machine

A sex toy machine is one of the most popular sex toys. It's really in high demand due to its automatic feature. There are a lot of variations in the market to choose from. Sometimes it's really getting confusing for the users. In this guide, you will find out the top-selling sex machine toys. And choose the perfect one for you.

A sex machine toy is really popular among people who love solo sessions. It can also be used with a partner too. A real game-changer. Make your nights more fun and pleasurable. Typical machines are fully automatic, with no manual work required. Some of them even come with remote control. You can adjust the speed and the modes.

Types of Sex Toy Machine

Currently, there are a lot of types available in the market. We will show you some of the popular types. Everyone can use these toys. No additional experience is needed. Just plug in your favorite attachments and enjoy the whole new ride.

Thrusting Dildo Sex Machines

A special toy for dildo lovers. This automatic machine is everyone's favorite. The amazing control and features will never fail to impress you. This sex machine has a dildo attached to the front. You will find a bunch of variations.

Riding Sex Machines

Another favorite sex machine toy. They are considered heavy-duty toys. You can ride on these machines and enjoy your time. The design is similar to a chair in which you can sit. And at the bottom, there was either a dildo or a vibrator. They are really comfortable to use. The built quality is really great so that it can take the weight of a human. A very fun toy to play with. It could be a new addition to your collection.

Dildo Drills

A very basic and easy-to-use machine. You can carry them easily with your hands and enjoy your play session. An attached dildo can be found at the front. The machine generates power and vibration for the dildo. Highly recommended for people who are new to the sex toy machine. You can adjust the speeds and vibration with the control feature. They are not really heavy, so you can easily use them with your hand. A really cool toy to increase the heat.

Automatic Masturbator Devices

Really popular amongst male audiences. A real-life saver toy. This will really increase your sexual pleasure in a matter of time. They are very similar to regular masturbation toys. But it is fully automatic. A lot of features can be bound in these machines. Suction, squeezing, vibrating, and so on! Forget about using your hand and enjoy the extraordinary pleasure of these amazing toys. They are designed to fit on your penis easily. You can adjust according to your need. It's smaller than the other sex machine toys.

Top 10 Sex Toy Machine of 2022

1. Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine

An amazing creation by the LoveBotz Manufacturer. This classy-looking machine provides penetration, vibration, and heating for intense pleasure. It comes with 2 rods for penetration. You can use either a single one or double at the same time. Both extension rods can be equipped with your favorite dildo. The rods can be adjusted according to your need so that you can enjoy double penetration at the same time. The heating tip will provide extra pleasure.

It also comes with a wired remote control and a wireless one to make the game more interesting. You can play with your partner too! The speed of the thrust can be controlled by the remotes. You can go through different modes and speeds to spice up things even more. A truly pleasure box that everyone loves.

2. Matrix Multi-Angle Sex Machine

If you love to explore different positions of sex, this one is for you. This multi-faceted fucking machine is manufactured by LoveBotz. A total customizable machine. Where you can adjust the heights and angles and achieve your desired pleasure. The stainless steel machine is easy to assemble and provides an endless position to choose from.

It comes with a USB controller where you can control the stroke speed. It comes with a few attachments too. A sexflesh dildo and a silicone vaginal and anal probe. Both the attachments can be used at the same time. Also, there is an extension arm for more satisfaction.

3. Jaxxx Hammer 2.0

A great machine to use for self-love or with a partner. It's a bit different than other fucking machines. this rechargeable machine can be used with 2 options. You can either mount them with the suction cup or remove them from the cup to enable the hand-held feature. It is designed like a jackhammer which will provide an insane amount of pleasure.

The sex toy machine comes with a built-in control system. You can choose between four vibrations and 2 rhythmic settings. The additional boost button makes it extra special for users who love intense sessions. It also comes with an optional light to use in the darkness. This multifunctional toy is all you are looking for.

4. Banging Bench with Sex Machine

A true multifunctional machine for you. This 4-in-1 banging bench has a lot of advantages. This hands-free device can be used on its own but it's always better with the bench where you will get maximum comfort. A veiny textured dildo will be attached to the machine which can be adjusted to your preferred angle. There is also a strap-on harness included to choose your desired dildo. This machine is all you have been looking for. All the components are removable and can be used according to your necessity.

It comes with a controller where you can adjust the thrust. 4 suction cups will be included to secure the machine's base. The metal bench frame comes with 2 padded cushions. It can be used for oral sex too. It can even be used as workout gear! Enjoy all the benefits in one single machine. Go crazy in solo play or with a partner. Customize your ride on your own terms and be in total control!

5. Pleasure Pole

A very high-demand product. This product is totally manual. No need for any battery or power cords. It totally runs by your own mobility. A very unique sex toy to own. You can enjoy your playing time in a standing position.

A spring-loaded handle will be attached at the top. You can manually adjust the thrusting speed. The height can also be adjusted according to your need. Two dildos will be included with this pleasure pole. You can use the stick in 3 positions.

6. The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine

Another automatic machine you can try. This love machine is heavy-duty and portable. You can easily use it by yourself or with a partner for foreplay. The powerful suction will definitely give sensational pleasure. You can enjoy a variety of sensations with this amazing toy.

The attached dial controller is easy to use. You can adjust the stroke speed according to your need. There are 2 cylinders attached to their hose pipes. One is for the penis and the other one is for cockhead, clitoris, and nipple. The soft rubber container ensures a tight seal so that you can enjoy the best sexual pleasure. The top compartment is specially designed to carry all the accessories. The box can be locked with keys to ensure maximum security.

7. Mega-Pounder Hand-held Thrusting Silicone Dildo

This powerful machine is easy to use and can deliver over 200 thrusts per minute! The industrial motor can deliver 2 intense speeds. A great toy to enjoy your solo sessions.

A dildo attachment will be included. You can enjoy the realistic veins and ridges of the dildo. It can be bent flexibly to target your favorite part of the body. The premium silicone material is completely safe for your body.

8. Power Pounder Vibrating and Thrusting Silicone Dildo

A really handy and portable sex toy machine. This rechargeable toy can be used anywhere anytime. A perfect tool to use on your partner or by yourself. Enjoy powerful vibration and thrusting action.

The flexible shaft is realistic with veins. It will also pump up and down inside you. The ribbed handle is made out of silicone and will secure the grip. The buttons attached to the handle will let you choose between 7 vibration patterns and 3 speeds. The USB charger is easy to use anywhere. The premium material is safe to use. A perfect toy for you.

9. Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex Machine

Great Intense sex saw machine for you. This dildo drill machine is designed like an original drill machine. 2000 RPM thrusting machine is all you need! The speed can be controlled from slow to fast with the trigger pull. This sex machine toy comes with a safety switch to everything under control and safe for the users.

The veiny thick 7-inch dildo attachment is specially designed for maximum pleasure. It can be bent according to your need. You can attach another dildo with the help of the adapter. Also, a stroker attachment can also be connected. The heavy-duty machine comes with a rechargeable battery and charging adapter.

10. The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine

Spice up your BDSM sessions with this amazing machine. The multi-faceted sex machine toy is excellent for couples. This bad boy can be set up within 5 minutes on to a stand. You can enjoy all the positions by adjusting the height or direction up to 300 degrees.

The machine comes with a wired controller. You can adjust the thrusts according to your need. You can choose between 1 to 3 strokes per second. The base is supported by rubber to reduce the noise and bring stability. It is specially designed to use with the Obedience Sex Bench for maximum pleasure. A very enjoyable and secure play session with your partner. This tool can also be adjusted with swings, cages, or other sex furniture. It can also be used without any attachment.

The dildo at the top will provide a realistic feel. You can use your desired choice of dildos. The pounding tool is among the popular sex machine toys. The metal frame will give maximum security to ensure unforgettable pleasure to the users. Create your own game by owning a piece of this amazing toy.


Almost everyone wants to own a sex toy machine. There are thousands available on the market. We cover the top 10 based on the quality and user rating. It is important to choose the perfect one according to your need and capability. It's important to go through the sizing chart before making any purchases. The automated machines will definitely take your pleasure to the next level.

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