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4 in 1 Banging Bench with Sex Machine


You can choose from a soft, comfortable, or firm seat. Then, you can choose between your favorite dildo or your partner's face. With a new 4-in-1 Bangin Bench, you can get comfortable and banged.
Enjoy the hands-free pleasure with a removable sex device that can be used by itself! Place the padded cushions and secure the machine's base with the suction cups. This will ensure that the dildo sticks in the desired place. You can even adjust the extension bar to position the dong at your preferred angle.

The included dildo can be made as firm as you wish, but it is soft and fleshy with a veiny texture. It also has a bold head. You can use the vacuum-grip attachment with compatible dildos to customize your ride. The wired multispeed dial can be used to explore penetration at 150 thrusts per hour. You can adjust the thrust length between 1 and 3.5 inches.

Feel like taking even more control? You can attach your favorite suction cup to the red metal riser or use the harness to secure a broad-based dong. Then bounce up and down on stretchy seat straps and screw yourself. You can use it by yourself to get intense, but you can also show your partner what makes you go crazy. You can remove the sex machine, the raiser bar, and even the sex machine altogether and make it a queening stool. This will allow you to straddle your lover's face while they delight you from below.

The Bangin Bench is simple to set up and concealable to store. It has a sturdy steel frame that will last. The included dildo can be used with water-based and silicone lubricants. Use mild soap or toy cleaner after cleaning.

Measurements: The bench is 14.5 inches in height, 19 inches in width, and 18 inches in depth. Red raiser is 5.25 inches in height, and 4.75 inches in depth. The sex machine is 7 inches in height. The extender is 4 inches in length. The dildo is 7.25 inches in length, and 1.75 inches in diameter.

Material: Metal, ABS, elastic, PU leather, foam, wood, TPE

Color: Black

Note: Includes machine dildo, but suction cup dildo is sold separately. The machine uses 240-volt power cord, included