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Armor Mens Boxer Harness with O-Ring - LXL

Strap U

Wear your boxers under your garment and always feel confident, comfortable, and ready for a good time! The universal 1.5 inch O-ring is sewn into the cotton and spandex blend shorts. When you're ready, you can simply slip the strapon dildo of your choice into place when you're ready for the main event! Or you can slip a packer in and enjoy the bulge beneath your pants. The fabric is comfortable and breathable so you can feel confident wearing them all day or night. The wide, supportive elastic band helps support the weight of your strapon dildo and keeps the boxers from sagging. As an added bonus, care for your new harness is easy! Simply machine wash your boxers after each use on a cold cycle. To preserve the life and elasticity of the fabric, hand-wash and air-dry to avoid exposure to heat.

Slip on your boxers underneath your clothing. The smooth material lays flat against your skin and doesn't bulge or bunch beneath your clothing. Make sure you've tested out a strapon dildo with a wide base so you know it fits in the O-ring, then slip it into a backpack, bag or purse as you head out to your partner's place. When you're both ready, surprise them with your ready-to-go outfit! Use a compatible lube and let them play with the dildo and slip it inside. Then, slip the dildo into place and ride them!

Measurements: 17.5 inches unstretched waistband diameter, fits 35 inch to 40 inch waist circumference. O-ring inner diameter is 1.5 inches.

Materials: Cotton, Spandex, rubber

Color: Black

Note: Dildo not included.

Key Features:

  • Supportive Elastic Band: The wide elastic band helps support the weight of the dildo that's placed in the front pocket.
  • O-Ring Built In: This 1.5 inch universal O-ring can be seen on the front of the boxers and fits most strapon dildos.
  • Comfortable and Breathable: Wear these boxer style shorts as a comfortable and breathable harness underneath your clothing!
  • Machine Washable: Easily clean your garment after wear by putting it in the washing machine. Hand-wash it for extra care if desired.