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Introductory Bed Restraints Kit

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Curious about bondage? Try something new with this beginner friendly restraint kit! Designed to go work with any traditional mattress, the H-shaped restraint system allows you to strap down the wrists and ankles of your lover, leaving them completely at your mercy. The set is lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for those who want to try out exciting bondage scenarios but are not really sure where to begin. The soft fabric cuffs are strong yet light, and designed for comfort. They close easily with Velcro, and each strap is adjustable so that it can be tightened down or loosened, depending on your preference.

Set the mood with a little light bondage! After setting up the straps underneath the mattress, lay your lover face up on the bed. Add a blindfold to make things even more exciting, or let them see every move you make! As you gently take their hand in yours, guide their wrist above their head and begin to wrap the cuff around them, using the velcro closure to smoothly and quickly cuff them in place. Do the same for their other wrist and each ankle. Now that you’ve got them cuffed, tease them by gently stroking and kissing their neck, chest, belly and thighs, letting them writhe and squirm so they can test the restraints. Once you’re both certain the restraints are secure, play on into the night until you finally release them!

Measurements: Four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approx. 48 inches in length, cuffs adjustable up to approx. 14 inches around

Materials: Nylon, fabric, plastic

Color: Black

Note: Fits most standard size mattresses

Key Features:

  • Beginner Friendly: These easy to use straps and cuffs are perfect for anyone interested in trying out bondage and restraints for the first time!
  • Sturdy Straps: Made of sturdy nylon, the straps are durable and strong.
  • Soft Fabric Cuffs: Enjoy the feel of faux fur against your skin with these soft yet sturdy fabric cuffs.
  • Fits All Standard Size Mattresses: The adjustable straps fit easily over most standard mattress sizes.