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Nipple Pumping System with Dual Detachable Acrylic Cylinders

"Nipple Pumping System with Dual Detachable Acrylic Cylinders"

is a great toy to add to your collection. The nipple pumping system is a great toy to be kinky. Play with your partner and enjoy great personal time.  The cylinders are detachable and the hand bulb will let you uck the air. 

Nipple play enthusiasts will love this easy-to-use pumping system! Nipple suction increases sensitivity and temporarily engorges as it draws increased circulation into the area. The sensation is perfect for foreplay or during masturbation. You can even detach the cylinders and keep them on while you fool around. Just place the industrial-grade acrylic cylinders over your nipples, using lube if necessary to make it airtight. Pump the hand bulb to initiate suction. When you are done, a quick release valve allows you to immediately release the pressure, effectively freeing your nipples. Excite your nipples in a unique new way with this Nipple Pumping System!

Features :

  1. Increase sensitivity
  2. Create Sensation
  3. Excite your nipples
  4. Detachable cylinders


Measurements of Nipple Pumping System with Dual Detachable Acrylic Cylinders

Measurements: Cylinders measure 2.75 inches inner length, with an inner diameter of .6 inches. Connector tubes are each 9.5 inches in length.

Material: PVC, acrylic

Color: Clear.

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