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Pleasure Throne Oral Sex Chair

Master Series

Sit on a plush throne fit for a Queen or King while you get worshiped from below! This Pleasure Throne is designed for everyone! Built out of sturdy iron, it can handle up to 265 lbs. Slide your partner's head below your seat and let them give you the attention you desire! Perfect for cunnilingus, analingus, teabagging, or other kinky activities, the derriere and private areas can be suspended just out of reach, or they can be lowered down to sit right on their face! Designed to be fully adjustable so you can enjoy the perfect, ergonomic position for you and your partner, the backrest and seat are adjustable in height for the one sitting on the throne, and the headrest and head cushions are adjustable in height and width respectively for the one laying on their back. The head cushions have a special purpose! They keep your partner's head squarely in place so they can't turn their head or look at anything other than your derriere! The throne is covered in plush, vegan leather cushions so you and your worshipful partner will be comfortable for as long as you are in the scene! The throne comes with an extra pair of cuffs and 5 carabiners, as well, so you're ready to lock your partner in place while you sit over their face! There are 5 attachment points for the cuffs: either side of the base, the bottom of the headrest at the center, and two more on either side of the seat of the throne. To clean the chair after use, spray with toy cleaner or a mix of vinegar or alcohol and water, then wipe down with a soft cloth.

Your partner is lying on their back, blindfolded, with their wrists cuffed to the base of the throne. You're sitting on top, the seat lowered down so your bottom is right above their face. When you let your body sink into the chair you can feel your privates brush against their mouth. They groan and arch their body, straining to reach you… but you remain just out of reach. You love this part. You love to tease them, torment them. You perch on the edge of the seat, still out of reach, and place your feet on their chest, pushing them down. "You're so very eager… you must want it badly…" you purr, your voice seducing and provoking them all at once. They groan and then say, "Yes, please! May I please lick you?" You laugh, toying with the idea of making them wait longer, but you love it when they suffer and crave you. You're feeling aroused and so you lower all the way down. They arch their back again, their tongue making contact, and you moan in response to their eager kisses.


  • Overall: 18 inches Length x 21.5 inches Width x 27.5 inches Height.
  • Seat: 18 inches Length x 16.5 inches Width.
  • Seat opening: 13 inches Length x 8 inches Width.
  • Backrest: 8 inches Length x 11 inches Width.
  • Base footprint: 18 inches Length x 21.5 inches Width.
  • Cuffs adjust from 6.5 inches to 10 inches in circumference.

    Max weight limit: 265 lbs

    Materials: Iron, vegan leather, foam, ABS plastic

    Color: Black

    Key Features:

  • Plush, Padded Throne: Sit comfortably on plush, padded vegan leather cushions!
  • Heavy Duty: The frame is built primarily from iron and can hold up to 265 lbs.
  • Adjustable: Each one of the ABS plastic knobs are points where the height can be adjusted! Adjust the height of the backrest, seat, headrest, and head pads for the perfect position!
  • Attachable Points: There are 5 attachable points on the chair: Two on the base of the chair, one in the center below the headrest, and two more under the seat.
  • Cuffs and Carabiners: Comes with 2 cuffs and 5 carabiners.